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In March of 2021, a 26 year old 3D artist & vinyl toy enthousiast going by SuperNfty, took a chance on pursuing his passion and started his own NFT collection. The result is a collection of 264 unique 3D animated Floating Heads, handmade in VR. 6 Months later, every Floating Head has been minted and the final sales have been scheduled, but in so many ways this is just the beginning.

Through gradual learning and building, my community and I have been able to make this collection into something beautiful. …

This was last updated on the 10th of September 2021.

This article will be an updated archive and summary of the history of SuperNfty. Why? Because my memory kind of sucks and I don’t want to forget this amazing journey that kickstarted the rest of my life as an artist.

On Friday the 26th of February 2021, I first heard about NFT’s from a Fewocious interview on Youtube. Before that, I was a Ph.D. student that modeled and 3D printed toys on the side as a hobby. That night, something clicked tho, I felt like this was my chance. …

If you’ve spent any time in the SuperNfty discord, you know that my brother Chewie is a coding wizard getting his Ph.D. in Physics. Somehow, I convinced him to spend the last 4 months studying smart contracts, Solidity and Ethereum. Together we plan to become an NFT power duo that can innovate and push the boundries of what’s possible with NFTs both creatively and technically.

Nonetheless… if you’ve spent any time on NFT Twitter you also know that a lot can go wrong with DIY smartcontracts and big NFT drops. To test our skills we are creating the SuperBalls, a…

I’m proud to announce the Super Nfty Unlockables update. Super Nfty Floating Heads will now include the following Unlockable content:

  1. An Augmented Reality 3D file (.GLB and .USDZ)
  2. A 3D printable file (.STL)
  3. The original video-file of the NFT

Disclaimer: The AR files are non-moving, non-rigged 3D file exports. They can be used in AR directly, but to use them as a moving VR-avatar or V-Tuber they need to be rigged independently.

What can you do with these?

There countless options: you can put a full-color 3D model in your VR gallery, you can take AR pictures and video’s, you let someone rig them through Fiverr…

The floating heads project aims to deliver premium quality, collectible, animated NFT’s. Only 264 will ever be made and every single one will be completely unique. The heads are currently for sale exclusively on OpenSea.

Super Nfty Floating Heads 001–028

Super Nfty, the creator of the Floating heads is a 25 year old, European 3D-artist. Heavily inspired by pop surrealism, designer toys and hype culture, SuperNfty has been quietly designing his own digital toys for years, some of them brought to life through VR and 3D printing. …

Super Nfty

25 year old 3D artist and creator of Super Nfty collectible art.

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