Spirits Gen 2: The ultimate collectible monster experience in Web 3

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Welcome to the whitepaper for Spirits Gen 2, the ultimate collectible monster experience in web 3. Firstly, we’ll delve into our outlook on the NFT market, we’ll finally shed light on the decisions we’ve made and we’ll explain the reasoning behind them.

Market insights

To understand our decision-making process, we first have to look at the NFT-market as a whole. Currently, we find ourselves in a period of waning interest, where apathy has become the norm. Bluechip NFTs have plummeted to all-time lows, Crypto Twitter resembles a barren wasteland, and many who pledged to “build through the bear market” have vanished since February.

Yet, despite this challenging climate, we remain steadfast in our belief that interest in the crypto market is cyclical. With each bitcoin halving, the market bounces back, and we aim to be at the forefront of the next resurgence. By then we‘ll have proved ourselves to be that battle-hardened OG project that persistently kept innovating and bringing daily enjoyment to collectors, even throughout the depts of the cryptoworld’s lowest points. Build it and they will come — we’ll be ready.

Igniting daily excitement

While Spirits Gen 1 garnered tremendous success among active participants, we observed that many people lost interest after the initial hype of the summer drop — ourselves included. I found myself yearning for the days when I crafted and sold artworks on a weekly basis. Hence why I created the Fallen Heads. Furthermore, I grappled with the challenge of keeping people engaged on social media without doing what I do best, showing art!

For us to thrive as a community, Spirits Gen 2 needed to bring back that almost ritual excitement around weekly reveals that had kickstarted my career in the first place. Finding the right solution was a matter of connecting this aspect of engagement with the scale, accessibility and sustainability of Spirits Gen 1.

Gravity Potential ($GP)

One mechanic we have already successfully introduced is Gravity Potential (GP). Our very own virtual (non-crypto) currency. The rarer your SuperNfty membership NFT, the more GP you accrue each day. The rollout of this feature was as smooth as butter, and numerous individuals are already relishing the act of accumulating GP, unaware of its future purpose.

GP aims to serve as a “loyalty” score that reflects your commitment as a collector and supporter over time. This score will not diminish even if you choose to spend GP.

Yes, you can spend GP!

We didn’t want to complicate things by making GP an actual cryptocurrency (besides, we’ve all seen how NFT-founded crypto’s tend to crash and burn). However, we did want to establish a game-like virtual economy around GP. So, what’s the plan? Enter daily auctions!

The amount of daily $GP each type of hunter receives, check your stats on supernfty.com!

Enter the Daily Auctions!

With daily auctions, GP’s inflationary nature becomes inconsequential. Every year, a total of 1 million $GP will be distributed among collectors. As the value of Spirits increases, it will require a higher amount of GP to successfully snipe them. Daily auctions allow me to create Spirits over time and release them closer to their creation. Picture this: I can craft a new Spirit on a livestream and already include it in an auction the week after.

These daily auctions will bear similarities to the auctions we know from projects like NounsDAO. Ofcourse we’ll add our own twist to it.

The thrill of Packs

As many of you have speculated in Discord and on the rooftop in NYC, Spirits will now be sold in packs! This decision was an obvious choice, as we wanted to preserve the excitement of not knowing what you’ll get. Each day, a random selection of Spirits will be auctioned off to a lucky winner. This approach also enables us to host dope events featuring stuff like special items or Variant packs.

Every single day, 6 packs of 6 random Spirits will be auctioned off. 3 Packs will be auctioned off for $GP, 3 Packs will be auctioned off for Eth. There will be no minimum bid.

A rare Spirits pack, containing 6 random Spirits with a higher chance of getting rares.

Starter Spirits

Starting September 12th, every Imp, Floating Head and Fallen Head will be able to claim one random starter Spirit for free! You’ll be able to check which Imps/FHs have already claimed their starter on the website. The claims will be kept open until Januari 1st 2024.

6 Starter Spirits


During the Spirits Gen 1 drop, people within the community immediately started trading Spirits like kids on the playground. Luckily we didn’t hear of anyone getting scammed doing a Spirit trade, for which we are very proud of our community. Nevertheless, a lot of people asked us to provide a way to mitigate trustless trading. Well, we listened and we created ChewieSwap!


Safely trade NFT’s with each other in real time! Jump in a trading room and negotiate the trade in the chat. ChewieSwap is unlike other trading sites. We don’t hold your NFTs in a vault. Instead, we facilitate direct swaps between your wallet and your trading partner’s wallet. Your assets remain in your control throughout the transfer, making it safer and optimizing gas fees!


In conclusion, Spirits Gen 2 represents a monumental leap forward in the world of collectible monster experiences in Web3. Our approach will avoid the pumping and dumping that took place around Gen 1, while fostering real organic daily engagement. It introduces the aspect of strategy, game theory and most importantly the fun of collecting.

Join us, as we embark on this extraordinary journey together. Get ready to unleash the power of Spirits Gen 2 and experience the next level of monster collecting in the world of Web3.

Some Q&A

We know you’ve got burning questions, so let’s dive into some answers to the ones we anticipate will be common. And hey, if you have more questions, don’t hesitate to tag me in Discord!

WEN?! Daily hunts will start September 12th 2023

I’m new! How do I get started? That’s great. To join the fun and start accumulating $GP, you need to acquire a SuperNfty membership NFT/artwork: an Imp, a Floating Head or a Fallen Head. Learn more about these on Supernfty.com and dive deeper into our history in Discord!

Who’s paying for gas? Because they’re on the Ethereum blockchain there’s no way around the fact that Spirits have to be minted. We did the math and we concluded that it’s not sustainable for us to cover all gas for eternity. So, if you win an auction, you’ll have 30 days to mint your pack. But! The first packs are on us. We’ve allocated 5 Eth towards gas for Spirits mints. If at any point during the 30 days claim period gas goes below 20 gwei, they’ll be minted automatically by the contract. ❤

Can I transfer GP to my main account? GP transfers will be enabled at launch. You can already transfer GP along with an NFT on ChewieSwap. But at launch you’ll be able to do it through supernfty.com as well. Transferred GP won’t count towards your total engagement score. So, you’re free to move it around, it won’t impact your collector status.

What will be the starting bid for the auctions? As low as possible, we want the market to decide the value (E.g. something like 1GP & 0.002Eth).

How will I know what’s rare? The rarity of Spirits is predetermined as we make new ones. We’ll be releasing a grid from time to time showing the ones revealed. Additionally we’ll be adding a 5-point rarity score trait to all Spirits.

What about Variants? Variants can appear randomly in any packs. Certain event packs can grant a higher chance of getting one. Even the Variants of Starter Spirits will be exclusively minted through packs, not in starter claims.

How many Gen 2 Spirits will eventually exist? We estimate that Gen 2 will be capped at 17.100 Spirits. Believe it or not, that’s less than Gen 1 with 19.000 Spirits.

Will it be harder to gather enough Spirits for evolution? Precisely, and that’s a good thing. We’re aiming for a slow and steady flow of new Spirits. In the beginning, evolving a Spirit will feel like a community event. It’ll take an entire year to reach the level of exploration and discovery that Gen 1 has achieved by now. This deliberate pace will ultimately enhance the value of individual Spirits.

Won’t whales dominate the Spirits market? The amount of GP you get is linearly correlated to the amount of Imps you have. So yes, whales will indeed have a greater chance of acquiring more Spirits, just as they did in Gen 1. However, we’re adding a strategic twist to Spirits that aims to reward small-but-engaged collectors proportionally. Planning your moves and timing your bids for a day when the whales aren’t paying attention (or have spent all their GP in a bidding frenzy the day before) will become a crucial aspects of collecting Spirits. Also keep in mind that you’ll be able to trade GP for SuperNfty NFTs in ChewieSwap. We can totally see an economy forming where people trade GP for the Spirits they want directly.

What if I can’t keep up with daily attention? No worries at all! You’ll still be earning GP in the background. Feel free to take a break for months and return with a hefty GP stash for a rare auction. We’ve got your back!

Are all Gen 2 Spirits already created? No. As of writing this, I’ve created a solid foundation of Spirits, and I’ll be crafting even more before the launch. This way, the packs’ contents can be fully random right from the start. The beauty of this approach is that I can unleash my creativity and create new Spirits whenever inspiration strikes, rather than being confined to squeezing out every ounce of creativity just before a drop date. It allows me, as the artist, to structure my life around maximizing my creative potential.

Will there be a Gen 3? Yup! The idea is to continue creating Spirits. Once we feel that Gen 2 is a complete product, we can kick off Gen 3. Also, we won’t have to hold back from creating and releasing some Gen 3 Spirits while Gen 2 distribution is still ongoing. No more waiting around!

So there you have it — some insightful answers to your most burning questions. Get ready to dive into the exhilarating world of Spirits Gen 2.

See you in Discord!

Sander — SuperNfty, September 5th 2023



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