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The floating heads project aims to deliver premium quality, collectible, animated NFT’s. Only 264 will ever be made and every single one will be completely unique. The heads are currently for sale exclusively on OpenSea.

Super Nfty Floating Heads 001–028

Super Nfty, the creator of the Floating heads is a 25 year old, European 3D-artist. Heavily inspired by pop surrealism, designer toys and hype culture, SuperNfty has been quietly designing his own digital toys for years, some of them brought to life through VR and 3D printing. Scared of the ‘starving artist’ stereotype, the anonymous artist says he has never had the guts to pursue a career in art, but when he heard about Non Fungible Tokens and Cryptoart, he decided to take a chance.


How did you come up with the idea? When I learned about crypto art and this exciting new digital medium, I wanted to take full advantage of its capabilities by making 3D animated, stylized, fictional characters. I tried a bunch of things and stuck with the Floating Heads idea. Something about the way they look just clicks with me.

Why NFT’s? Looking into it, I completely fell in love with the idea behind decentralizing the art world as a whole. Everyone can partake, giving artists like me the opportunity to pursue art more! This solves a big problem for digital artists whose works were basically worthless before this because everyone could just download and copy them infinitely. As a digital artist myself, it feels like I am destined to do this.

Also, I’ve been talking to so many people in the NFT community: other artists, collectors and even some CryptoPunk owners. Everyone has been incredibly welcoming and supportive. This is great community to be in as an artist.

Why collectibles? As a kid, I loved collecting things: Pokémon cards, Flippo’s, marbles, anything. Now, I love creating multiple variations within a certain template myself. This really gets my creativity flowing! The fact that these Heads are also completely digital, exponentially increases the creative freedom I have with this project. Making these gives me energy like nothing has before. It instantly puts me in a flow state, which is all anyone could want from his work.

How do you make them? I design them in VR, with an app called Gravity Sketch. Working in VR gives you so much freedom and spatial insight. Additionally it’s really intuitive compared to PC-based apps like Blender or ZBrush. The recent Sub-D feature in Gravity Sketch allows me to make really smooth, controlled surfaces.

Workflow showcase in Gravity Sketch VR

What’s your pricing structure? I’m playing the long game. The first priority is to build a community around collecting the floating heads, which is working really well so far. For this, a culture of trading and ‘flipping’ collectibles is highly desirable. After looking at other successful projects on Twitter and Instagram and listening to feedback in the Discord, I’ve come up with the following price plan:

Super Nfty Floating Head #001–100: 0.2Eth

Super Nfty Floating Head #101–150: 0.25Eth

Super Nfty Floating Head #151–200: 0.3Eth

Super Nfty Floating Head #201–250: 0.5Eth

Super Nfty Floating Head #251–264: ???

These are the base prices, but not all of them will have this exact price. Some of them will have a special price. This could be because it has a special place in my heart, because it is a giveaway or simply ‘for the meme’.

The number one goal is to create value for the SuperNfty Community. Having a pricing system layed out up front allows for buyers to anticipate and flip their investments accordingly. In terms of what I’ll be doing with the last 14 heads, I’m not sure yet. Similar projects either keep some of their own collectibles as an investment and others put up the last ones for auction. We’ll see.

Is there a rarity structure designed up front? Not really, I’m making these heads up as I go and I don’t want to artificially limit my own creative freedom. I hope people just buy the ones they like, allowing the value of each one to be determined by the community. I did, however, add six characteristics to the Heads, so a rarity system might organically arise too.

Anything special on the horizon? Yes! I’m always looking for ways to upgrade the Floating Heads. Making a VR Gallery for example is something I’m really interested in, I just need to find the right platform. I tried it with Mozilla Hubs, but it’s just not powerful enough. Another thing is, I would love for the Heads to become useful to the owners in different ways. I’ve yet to figure out how or what I’m going to do, but I’ve seen some great suggestions in my Discord. Developers, please contact me, I’m always open to doing some cool stuff!

Also, if anything were to be added to the Floating Heads, it would also be added retrospectively to the previous ones. Again, creating value for the community is priority numero uno.

What’s next for SuperNfty? I’m also doing a Ph.D. right now. I’m currently in my second year and contrary to what people might believe, being an academic researcher actually gives me a lot of flexibility timewise. Being a 'researcher by day, artist by night' is a lot of fun, so I’d like to keep this up.

In terms of projects, this is just the beginning. After I’m done with the Floating heads (which should be before the end of 2021 since I committed to doing at least 6 a week), I’ll find other Digital Art projects to devote myself to.








Super Nfty

25 year old 3D artist and creator of Super Nfty collectible art.