Super Nfty Unlockables Update

Super Nfty
4 min readMay 17, 2021


I’m proud to announce the Super Nfty Unlockables update. Super Nfty Floating Heads will now include the following Unlockable content:

  1. An Augmented Reality 3D file (.GLB and .USDZ)
  2. A 3D printable file (.STL)
  3. The original video-file of the NFT

Disclaimer: The AR files are non-moving, non-rigged 3D file exports. They can be used in AR directly, but to use them as a moving VR-avatar or V-Tuber they need to be rigged independently.

What can you do with these?

There countless options: you can put a full-color 3D model in your VR gallery, you can take AR pictures and video’s, you let someone rig them through Fiverr for VRChat, FaceRig or V-Tubing, you can make your own renderings or you can 3D print and paint your very own little designer toy.

Please post & tag me on Twitter so I see what you do with them! Some things I already tried myself are (click the links underneath for more info):

I made hands and feet, bought a Leap Motion and asked someone on Fiverr to rig them for VSeeFace (V-Tubing) and VRChat.
I took my iPad and made some video’s with the free Adobe Aero app.
I 3D printed Floating Head #001 on my Prusa Mini 3D printer, I sanded it smooth and my girlfriend painted it with acrylic paints.
I tried making a VR gallery with Mozilla Hubs.

How do I claim my unlockables?

All Floating Heads have a cloud folder to a password protected zip-file linked directly into the OpenSea Unlockables feature! Easy!

What about Intellectual Property?

By buying an NFT, you immediately become a collector, an investor, a stakeholder, a customer and an employee simultaneously. With SuperNfty we’re taking this to the next level by sharing the commercial rights with SuperNfty owners! Naturally, SuperNfty also retains those rights, so we’d be sharing them. Lastly, you only have the rights to Floating Heads you own and if you start a business incorporating a Floating Head, you have to explicitly and publicly prove that you’re the owner.

(Check the website for terms and conditions and more info)

Why would I let this happen? I believe NFT’s will cause a revolution for Artists and Intellectual Property. Where previously companies would just buy an artwork and never look at the creator again, NFT’s now inherently allow artists to publicly be known as the original creator and even collect commissions on future value of said creation.

I imagine an industry 5.0 where artists are no longer need to be commissioned for stuff. Artists just focus on creating and let others do the entrepreneurship. This way creators remain at the center of the value cycle. They stay the creator and collect commissions on secondary sales. The value of said NFT’s will grow together with the creator, its collectors and vice versa. The future is now.

Imagine if the original drawing of the Apple Logo was an NFT that could be resold by Apple. Apple being the company who grew the NFT’s notoriety rightfully gets the lions share, but the artist collects a spicy 10% commission. Win-win.


With Ethereum and gas fees constantly rising, we’re going to start descending. Providing value for Super Nfty owners and growing the Super Nfty community has always been priority number one. After talking it through with investors in the owners-exclusive Discord chat, we came up with the plan for future Floating Heads to be Dutch auctions. The starting price will remain the same, but the price will go down to 0.1 Eth over seven days.

​Super Nfty Floating Head #001–100: 0.2Eth
Super Nfty Floating Head #101–150: 0.25 → 0.1 Eth
Super Nfty Floating Head #151–200: 0.3 → 0.1 Eth
Super Nfty Floating Head #201–260: 0.5 → 0.1 Eth
Super Nfty Floating Head #261–264: Not for sale

Bids over the starting price will be accepted before the drop.

Will you add … in the future?

Since the unlockable content is a password-protected link to a personal cloud folder, it’s really easy for me to add stuff in the future! Make sure you post your suggestions in the Discord, so I see them.



Super Nfty

25 year old 3D artist and creator of Super Nfty collectible art.