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This was last updated on the 10th of September 2021.

This article will be an updated archive and summary of the history of SuperNfty. Why? Because my memory kind of sucks and I don’t want to forget this amazing journey that kickstarted the rest of my life as an artist.

On Friday the 26th of February 2021, I first heard about NFT’s from a Fewocious interview on Youtube. Before that, I was a Ph.D. student that modeled and 3D printed toys on the side as a hobby. That night, something clicked tho, I felt like this was my chance. I took the next week off and worked day and night on inventing my genesis collection.

The first prototypes of the Floating Heads, created in Gravity Sketch VR.

Soon the Floating Heads were born and on Saturday the 6th of March, the first Floating Head (#003) was sold for 0.1 Eth to Aditya Nalini. The ball started rolling and On Sunday, the 7th of March, Floating Head #001 was sold for 1 Eth. This absolutely blew my mind. All fired up, I started creating like an absolute madman and by Friday the 12th of March I had made and sold 22 Floating Heads. I still refer to the first weeks as the adrenaline phase.

On March 15th the collectors-club was born in the Discord and from then on most big decisions for the collection were voted on by the collectors. On March 18th I made my first big play in the NFT space, the 4 CryptoPunk tributes to Peruggia’s, Gmoney’s, Danny’s and Snowfro’s cryptopunks at the time. I also spoke with Beautyandthepunk and SillyTuna (who’s punk is arguably more famous now) around this time. Looking back I think this might’ve been my big break, although back then talking to these people was way easier than it is right now. The tweet had 40k impressions.

Floating Heads #001, #002 & #003
Back then it was possible to be in the top 200 with 5.39 volume traded
The CryptoPunk tributes

On March 22nd there was the Crypdonut (Kyle) Collab, on March 24th we had the CryptoMiners collab and on March 28th we had the Cryptoduuudes collab, three NFT artists I had looked up to before starting NFTs myself. Somehow these events got the attention of the nice people at OpenSea, because on March 25th the Super Nfty Floating Heads got verified and on March 30th they were featured next to Lisa Odette on OpenSea’s spotlight! After all that I had about 800 twitter followers, 80 Floating Heads and 50 collectors. Late March was also the time that now-famous curator JO7 and talented blockchain developer Magicdrops joined the collectors club. They later became mods and good friends. Holy crap March was crazy.

On March 31st Crypt0Will suggested to add the .stl files as unlockables
JO7 and MD joined the conversation
Floating Heads #050, #051 & #052 got released end of March
Floating Head #078 Twitter giveaway.

April started out strong with an official OpenSea A.M.A and our first (and only) Floating Head giveaway. In April I also posted bunch on Reddit. I went kinda viral on r/wallstreetbets with Floating Head #065 before I was banned for shilling. Some posts of mine also made it to the top pages of r/maplestory, r/uniswap, r/tokyoghoul, r/clockworkorange, r/TMNT, r/pewdiepiesubmissions, r/overwatch, r/souleater, r/zelda and r/banksy. Not sure if this did anything for the popularity of the collection, but I thought that was pretty cool. April was very tribute-heavy, which I stopped soon after because the tributes didn’t necessarily do better, plus I had more fun making originals.

On April 27th, Floating Head #100 was auctioned together with a 3D printed, physical toy to Apestar. Legend has it #100 is still sitting tight on Apestar’s mantle. Also, that week OpenSea featured the Floating Heads collection on their front page to celebrate this event.

Floating Heads on the OpenSea frontpage.
Floating Head #100 raffle
Artist apreciation week with CryptoGeishas, SavageDogs, MarkTheHabibi, Ibrajeez, Operus, MiguelGarest and Skullx

The first week of May was my artist appreciation week. I asked famous artists CryptoGeishas, SavageDogs, MarkTheHabibi, Ibrajeez, Operus, MiguelGarest and Skullx if I could make tributes to their work.

In May the price of Eth skyrocketed (which counter-intuitively is bad for NFTs) and all NFT artists were met with a huge conundrum. Do they keep their pricing in Eth, or do they adapt and peg the price to the dollar. On May 8th we had a huge debate about this in the collectors chat and I think Apestar was the first to propose the idea of using Dutch Auctions to let the market decide the price. We had a vote and decided to use his idea. The Dutch Auctions worked absolutely beautifully and are in my eyes one of the reasons the collection was able to survive the may NFT-slump. Yes the ether-value of the Floating Heads took a hit for a little while, but who cares. I bet the people who got in back in May are smiling now!

Our new pricing system, Dutch Auctions to survive the May NFT-slump.

Now we need to talk about the unlockables, because everyone involved in the project back then knows that this was my #1 frustration for months. I wanted to give the Floating Head holders access to their 3D files, but the problem was that I didn’t add cloud-links to folders in the unlockables of the first 100 Floating Heads. I spent months figuring out ways to do this in the craziest ways: verifysig, myetherwallet, ethmail, ERC721 conversion, … I explored everything and bothered everyone there was to bother about this problem.

On the 17th of May we did it tho! SuperNfty 2.0 went LIVE! Back then it wasn’t that simple, the first 100 holders still had to manually verify their wallets through myetherwallet. The SuperNfty 2.0 post and announcement video has been pinned on my Twitter for forever and is by far my biggest Tweet ever with 93k impressions. SuperNfty 3.0 is scheduled for October 2021.

The SuperNfty 2.0 announcement video

On the 24th of May, to celebrate 2k followers, the #supernftychallenge was launched. This was basically an art contest and the winner would get Floating Head #133. This didn’t really take off at all, but the 8 submissions we got were amazing! Also, I don’t know exactly when, but somewhere around this time DannyUkes joined as a collector and retweeted some stuff. I remember getting a bunch of followers because of that.

On the 31st of May hicetnunc2000 was booming business and I wanted to join in with a few doodle-artworks. This was an opportunity to show people my 2D illustration-style as well.

Super Nfty Doodles, available on HicEtNunc

On June 3rd I collab’d with KidEight. This was before G’Evols and before he become mega famous. On the 12th of June, finally got an update to support the OpenSea Shared contract. This might seem small to you, but it was huge news to me. Before this, verification was a big part of the abovementioned unlockables ERC1155/unlockables headache. Mid-June 2021 was also the first time I seriously considered quitting my job for doing NFTs fulltime. This was a really busy month.

On June 19th I bought a Bored Ape Yacht Club Ape for 3Eth ($6k at the time, lol). I remember being very scared that I was buying the top! On June 29th I made a 3D render of my ape as a designertoy. This post blew up and got retweeted by BAYC themselves, which led me to make the designertoys into a separate collection mid July: the Designer Apes. I did the same for Cool Cats: Designer Cats. These designertoy derivatives were a huge success and got a lot of new people interested in the SuperNfty brand.

Designer Apes by SuperNfty
J1mmy, xCopy & Dario Desiena joined the Floating Heads over the summer

July was a big month! On July 7th the OG of OG’s J1mmy joined the Floating Heads with his very own tribute Floating Head. He also said some really nice things about it on Twitter, which got us a ton of new followers. On July 19th I made two more tributes to the famous CryptoPunks of (back then) SillyTuna and TSF who had been active members of my community since the beginning. On the 21st of July, legendary OG NFT artist XCOPY himself joined the SuperNfty family with his very own tribute Floating Head. Lastly, on July 28th I got to collab with Andre Vieira.

Meanwhile, in the background, my brother Chewie, the physics genious, had been spending all of his spare time in learning solidity and blockchain development to assist me in future drops. On the 10th of August, to test our skills we announced the SuperBalls, a 3k avatar project that will be given away for free to Super Nfty Floating Head collectors (10 each). On Sunday the 15th of August my brother and I did a 3 hour livestream on Twitch, to collab with Floating Head collectors on the rarity and traits of these superballs. The Superballs launch is projected for October 2021.

Over the summer I got more confident in my future as an NFT artist and I started doing Twitter spaces a lot more. I also did a few podcasts and interviews over the summer: The 4Thangz Podcast, an interview with JO7 and the CryptoWriter Podcast. Then, around Mid-August JO7 and Mementokens started posting a lot of AR video’s which was really fun to see!

If anything August was even busier, since I had also been trying to make SuperNfty into an actual company behind the scenes. On August 18th I minted Floating Head #222, the first and only Floating Head that has sound. On August 23rd people loved this full-length VR workflow video I did. On August 24th the legendary Dario Desiena and I dropped a Mindds collab together. The last week of August I took my first, well-needed vacation from NFTs. On September 5th the Discord got a huge update and a sales bot and on September 6th the NoisyNFT-collab went live.

Screenshot of the Superballs Twitch Livestream with Floating Head #200 (me) left and Chewie’s head right. (Screenshot By JO7)
JO7 ‘s collection in AR
Mementokens’ Floating Heads in the pool.

Today, on Friday the 10th of September we’re about dive into the very last 10 Floating Heads and while I have tons of exciting plans for the future (see the FAQ in Discord), I’m already getting kind of emotional and nostalgic writing about the Floating Heads. Thank you to everyone mentioned in this article and all the Floating Head collectors who supported me these past six months. You’ve changed my life. Much love.

To be continued…

Floating Heads #001–#251 (out of 264)
Some the recently minted Floating Heads. (10th of September)



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