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Super Nfty
4 min readSep 22, 2021


In March of 2021, a 26 year old 3D artist & vinyl toy enthousiast going by SuperNfty, took a chance on pursuing his passion and started his own NFT collection. The result is a collection of 264 unique 3D animated Floating Heads, handmade in VR. 6 Months later, every Floating Head has been minted and the final sales have been scheduled, but in so many ways this is just the beginning.

Through gradual learning and building, my community and I have been able to make this collection into something beautiful. Being an NFT artist has been the most exciting and fulfilling journey of my life and at this point I can’t imagine doing anything else.

Visual summary of what’s next. Read more below!

SuperNfty 3.0 (1 Oct)

Supercollectors know that SuperNfty 3.0 and the Superballs have been something my brother and I have been working on in the background for a long time. Just like SuperNfty 2.0, SuperNfty 3.0 is an update to the unlockables. On top of the AR-files, the 3D-print-files and the original MP4; a webcam filter/vtuber avatar (.VRM) and a custom-made profile picture (.PNG) will be added to the unlockables folders on OpenSea.

SuperNfty 3.0 Trailer video

#264 Charity Auction (8 Oct)

We’re still figuring out which charity we want to support. Let us know your favorite in the Discord!

Super Nfty Floating Head #264

OG collectors snapshot (9 Oct)

Everyone who has a Floating Head on the nineth of October will get a genesis collection token airdropped to them.

The Floating Heads Complete Genesis Collection. (low quality gif for Medium)

The Superballs (15 Oct)

The Superballs are 3000 unique doodle NFT’s based on the original 264 Floating Heads. Some will be more rare than others. For each Super Nfty Floating Head you own, you will be able to mint 10 Superballs for free (+ gas). These were created for 3 purposes:

  1. To test our skills in deploying smart contracts.
  2. To play a role in the presale of the next collection. People who are aware of SuperNfty right now, have the opportunity to secure a chance of minting a collectible at pre-launch in the next big project.
  3. To reward OG SuperNfty Collectors. By essentially giving away 10 mintpasses to OG collectors, they become ambassadors within the SuperNfty brand. They get to choose who gets to be part of the next generation of SuperNfty collectors.
Three randomly generated Superballs

A fourth reason is for fun. The SuperBalls are a collaborative effort between Floating Heads collectors and SuperNfty. This was done in the form of a Livestream on Twitch, where SuperCollectors could join a Mural board for sorting trait rarity, naming traits, inventing traits, et cetera.

Here is a screenshot of SuperNfty collectors sorting the traits according to rarity during a Twitch Stream.

The NEXT big collection? (Dec 2021)

After these launches, I will withdraw myself for a while and work on the next big project. We hope to launch this project before Christmas 2021. The idea for this project has been cooking since the BAYC launch late April and I cannot wait to start sculpting away. As to what this is going to be? Let’s just say my brother, Chewie, figured out 3D trait randomization…

By the way, additionally to getting 10 Superballs, For each Floating Head you own, you will also get one NFT for free in the next project. Without my OG’s, I would be nobody. My gratitude towards my peeps will shine through in my next endeavors.

Much love, SuperNfty



Super Nfty

25 year old 3D artist and creator of Super Nfty collectible art.